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Early Career Programs

Start your career at Honeywell. Our early career programs are designed to provide you with a fast-track experience in your field.
Our programs include:
  • Rotations that allow you to experience different businesses and regions
  • Mentoring opportunities
  • Visibility to and networking with senior leadership
Finance Icon


With FFL, you'll gain the skills needed to be a successful finance professional. 

  • 4+ years: Three rotations, 18 months each (mobility required)
  • Develop business acumen, a financial toolkit and exposure to different business models, industries, and locations.
One of my favorite projects resulted in saving tens of millions of dollars a year. Being able to make that type of impact early in my career has been one of my most rewarding experiences.”  
– James Taylor, University of Arizona, graduated in 2012
Pathways icons


In Pathways, you will gain the skills needed to be a human resources leader.

  • 3+ years: Three rotations,  12 to 18 months each (mobility required)
  • Add value to the business and drives results through a variety of generalist, shared service, and center of excellence roles.
The program provides a lot of visibility and support in each rotation, along with a very structured and supportive process. If you are looking for a fast-paced and dynamic HR career, this is the place to be.” 
– Angela Knepprath, University of Minnesota, graduated in 2016
Launch IT


Launch IT participants collaborate to create innovative and automated solutions for visible problems in IT.

  • 3+ years: Three rotations, 12 to 18 months each (mobility required)  
  • Experience business, technical, and enablement/support experience designed to develop integrated skills in Global Information Technology Solutions and Services.

The Launch IT Program has allowed me to develop an understanding of IT’s innovative culture where everyone is always looking on ways to improve and provide better service. There is so much support to help you push towards your goals.

– Babitha Babu, Rutgers University, graduated in 2018



The Genesis Program is designed for those passionate about technology and its ability to improve the world.

  • 2 years: Three rotations, eight months each (mobility required)
  • Explore agile software development methodologies, new technologies used to differentiate products, and domain authorities to develop creative solutions.

The Genesis Program allows you to quickly gain experience and advance your career as you work across different teams and projects that evolve along with the software development space.
– Parker LeBlanc, Arizona State University, graduated in 2018 
Commercial Leadership Icon


Commercial Leadership Program participants gain skills needed to be leaders in marketing and strategy. Hear more from our leaders.

  • 3+ years: Three rotations, 12 to 15 months each (mobility encouraged)
  • Develop business acumen and exposure to different business models, industries and locations.

I was able to get exposure to Honeywell strategy from senior leadership while managing my own project and learning about many of the new technologies and existing product lines.
– Aleria Perry, University of Pennsylvania, graduation expected in  2019

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SDP participants develop sales skills and experiences through customer engagement, seller activities and impacts, and preparation for leadership.

  • 2+ years: Three rotations, six to 12 months each (mobility required)
  • Train in and utilize customer relationship management, customer engagement and coaching and gain exposure to various market models and industries.

“The Sales Leadership Program has equipped me with the necessary resources to better understand Honeywell’s business as a whole. Instead of learning just one piece of the puzzle I have been given all the pieces!”
– Andrew Wagner, University of Louisville, graduated in 2017