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The cities, towns, and communities where our employees live, work and raise their families are more than places — they’re our hometowns. Honeywell Hometown Solutions offers corporate citizenship programming, provides resources and financial support to those in need, and encourages employee volunteerism where we can make a real, lasting impact in critical areas of importance to our communities.


Inquisitive minds have been the driving force behind our success for more than 125 years. Our STEM programming focuses on inspiring and preparing the next generation of engineers from elementary through graduate school.


We have decades of experience developing and delivering technologies that keep families safe and secure – this knowledge is at the heart of programs that focus on families and children around the world.


Developed by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in partnership with Honeywell Hometown Solutions, KidSmartz uses videos, music and classroom activities to teach personal safety to children in grades K-5. Instructional materials are available in English and Spanish for free download here


Safe Kids at Home

For more than 13 years, Honeywell and Safe Kids Worldwide have partnered to protect more than 3 million children from preventable injuries in the United States, China, India and Malaysia. The Safe Kids at Home program educates families about reducing incidents of the top causes of home-related injuries, such as fires, burns and scalds. Learn more here.


As a company with a reputation for building lasting solutions for a sustainable world, we have several programs focused on habitat and ecosystems education to inspire teachers and students to become environmental stewards.

Honeywell Institute for Ecosystems Education - New Jersey

This program utilizes the New Jersey Student Learning Standards for Science, which requires hands-on, inquiry-based learning that relies on exploration and question-based learning approaches, helping to prepare New Jersey graduates to enter an economy that is more reliant on STEM careers. Honeywell and New Jersey Audubon award students with medals to commemorate their work. Learn more here

Habitat and Conservation

Honeywell Institute for Ecosystems Education - Mexico

This week-long training is held at Pronatura Training Center and the Honeywell Technology Solution Center in Mexico City. It combines classroom instruction with outdoor experiences, which aims to inspire students to take a more active role in preserving the environment, helping their community become more sustainable, and acquiring critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Find more details here.


With our neighbors and neighborhoods in mind, we created programs that foster safe homes and community living spaces, which are critical to personal well-being and peace of mind.
Since 2003, more than 24,500 Honeywell employee volunteers have partnered with Rebuilding Together to repair nearly 600 homes and non-profit centers in 52 communities in Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the continental United States. 
In Mexico and Colombia, employee volunteers improve the living conditions in local neighborhoods by partnering with non-profit organizations to repair community centers and impoverished family homes.
Learn more about Rebuilding Together.


When a natural disaster strikes, the Honeywell Humanitarian Relief Fund (HHRF) is at the forefront of relief efforts, delivering immediate and direct financial assistance to employees and communities across the globe.
Recently, HHRF was deployed to support employees in Nebraska and Australia after severe flooding left homes devastated, dams and roads damaged, and buildings inundated.

In 2018, the fund also helped employees in the southeastern United States following Hurricanes Michael and Florence, as well as employees in Michigan and Ottawa, Canada, in the aftermath of tornadoes. In 2017, HHRF was deployed in response to Hurricanes Maria, Harvey, Irma, major flooding in Romania, and an earthquake in Mexico. Learn more here.



100 percent of donations go directly to employees and communities affected by natural disasters.