5 Ways to Go Back to School Smarter

Here’s how we’ve got your kids covered all day. A new school year is all about new pencils, new teachers and new routines – and we’re here to help.

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Adjust Schedules

Sending the kids off on the first day can mean the house is empty for the first time in months. If everyone is away from home during the day, use geofencing with the Lyric thermostat to save money on cooling and heating.  

Five Ways to Go Back to School Smarter
Get Higher Test Scores

According to research, there’s a positive correlation between school building conditions and student performance. So improving student comfort creates a better learning environment and can lead to higher test scores. More information here.  

Five Ways to Go Back to School Smarter
Keep in Touch After School

If the kids beat you home after school, you can make sure they’re doing their homework with a security camera. When they arrive home, you’ll receive a notification and can check in to say hello, ask about their day and encourage them to get a jump on their homework.  

Five Ways to Go Back to School Smarter
Plan for Rain Days at the Bus Stop

Chilly weather in the forecast? No excuse to miss the bus when kids have a pair of Muck Boots. Be prepared for puddle jumping, making leaf piles, and enjoying the outdoors.  

Five Ways to Go Back to School Smarter
Shut Down Before Bed

Don’t let screens ruin a new school year. According to a 2016 study, kids using cell phones and computers at night can lead to losing sleep – both quality and quantity. Have kids turn off their electronics an hour before bedtime.

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