HOS Gold

Building a Best Practice Enterprise

We’re working to make our company work better every day for our employees, customers and suppliers. HOS Gold brings together all of our business management processes to create a best practice enterprise that is continuously developing better products and better experiences, improving productivity and efficiency and reducing costs.

We have created more than 60 HOS Gold business enterprises globally throughout our three strategic business groups to marry small company speed and customer responsiveness with the cost effectiveness and technical excellence of a big company to achieve breakthrough performance.
The Honeywell User Experience (HUE) enables us to develop solutions for users, maintainers, installers, consumers and employees that are easier to use, install, and maintain.
As Software becomes increasingly more important to our portfolio through software-enabled products, connected offerings, and simulation tools, Honeywell is committed to meeting the highest standards of excellence. As of 2015, 100% of Honeywell’s global software divisions are compatible with Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI®) Maturity Level 5, the highest level attainable in an appraisal. This achievement takes us into a higher level of capability, sharpening the competitive edge of our software teams, and verifying our operations and customer satisfaction are the 'best of the best' in the industry.
Velocity Product Development (VPD) brings together all of the functions necessary to successfully and quickly launch new technologies – R&D, Manufacturing, Marketing and Sales – to ensure we deliver the right products, at the right price, and faster than our competitors.
The Honeywell Operating System (HOS) drives sustainable safety, quality, delivery, cost and inventory improvements that ultimately will give us a 20-year competitive advantage over our peers. Continuous improvement is at the core of HOS, and our employees are empowered to identify opportunities and develop leading practices that will make sure today is better than yesterday, and that tomorrow will be better than today.
Six Sigma has been in place within Honeywell for the past 25 years. Through its emphasis on designing quality into our products before they are developed and continuously improving our operations, Six Sigma has helped Honeywell drive significant improvements in quality, delivery and overall productivity.
Lean initiatives are used to continuously simplify and streamline our operation, yielding reduced cycle time and better responsiveness to our customers.   

HOS Gold January 2018